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The mission of the Madison Valley Rural Fire-Rescue Department is to identify and respond to community needs in order to deliver a compassionate, effective and efficient system of services which minimize risk to life, health, and property from fire, trauma, and hazardous conditions.


The Madison Valley Rural Fire Department serves the City of Ennis and the Madison Valley in southwest Montana. We are a totally volunteer department that operates out of three stations with 33 firefighters.

The Madison Valley Rural Fire District covers 1,287 square miles, with a population of 3,029 as of the 2010 Census. The district extends from the Idaho border in the south to the top of the Norris Hill, approximately 10 miles north of Ennis, in the north and generally covers all public and private lands with in the Madison Valley.

The Madison Valley Rural Fire Department has a long and proud heritage of service with a lineage that dates back to April 10, 1915 when the Ennis Volunteer Fire Department was formed.  The Ennis Volunteer Fire Department was formed to provide fire suppression services for the Town of Ennis. On April 8, 1940, the Ennis Fire District was officially formed.  As time progressed, the department found its self responding to more and more rural fires. As a result, the Madison Valley Rural Fire District was formed May 17, 1961. Both departments coexisted, generally comprised of the same firefighters using equipment belonging to both departments with designated apparatus for town or rural response depending on which entity had purchased the apparatus.

As costs of fire fighting equipment increased and budgets shrank, the Town of Ennis found it more fiscally responsible to contract fire suppression services from the Madison Valley Rural Fire District, and dissolve the Ennis Fire Department. As all of the firefighters had been members of both departments, this move only entailed a consolidation of equipment and apparatus with District resources.

In the spring of 2009, the City of Ennis, which had now increased in population enough to attain “City” status, resolved to become a part of the Madison Valley Rural Fire District, and dissolve the inter-local agreement with the District.

Today the Madison Valley Rural Fire Department has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1915. In addition to Structure and Wildland Fires, the department responds to Hazardous Materials Incidents, Motor Vehicle Crashes; providing extrication, incident command, and traffic control operations as well as assisting the Ennis Ambulance Service with emergency medical care. As the Madison Valley Rural Fire Department maintains one of only 2 Rescue Boats in Madison County, we also respond to Water Rescue Incidents, Swiftwater Rescue Incidents, Low Angle Rope Rescue, as well as a host of other special rescue incidents. The department supports missions for the Madison County Search and Rescue, and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office whenever any of our resources are needed.

The Madison Valley Rural Fire Department currently operates out of three Stations, with the addition of our new Station #3 or the Varney Station, located at 74 Fish Hatchery Road, which became operational on September 1, 2014.  Station #1, the Headquarters or Ennis Station is located at 5037 US Hwy 287 N., approximately 1 mile north of Ennis.  Station #2 or the South Madison Station is located at 1101 US Hwy 287 N., 30 miles south of Ennis, 11 miles from the Idaho State Line.

STATION 1 - Headquarters StationSTATION 2 - South Madison Station5037US Hwy 287  N.Ennis, MT.  59729          1101 US Hwy 287  N.Cameron, MT. 5972
Non-Emergency Phone: 682-3311                  Non-Emergency Phone: 682-5648

                                            STATON 3 - Varney Station
74 Fish Hatchery Rd.  Ennis, MT. 59729
   Non-Emergency Phone: 682-3317
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5037 US Hwy 287
P.O. Box 68
Ennis, MT.  59729

Phone: 406-682-3311
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Ted Liss, Chairperson682-3614

John Lounsbury, Vice Chairperson  682-3239

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Bernie Oglietti, Trustee    682-3560

Jon Agner, Trustee     682-4253 

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